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Corbin gunfighter and lady w/ backrest etc

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I sold my 05 FXSTI but I kept the seat. It is a Corbin gunfighter and lady with blue flame stitching. I also have an oval backrest with the chrome insert. I put about 2000 miles on the seat. I will consider all offers

I also have the HD reduced effort clutch kit that I never put on. I have the transmission and primary gaskets which you need when doing the conversion.
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how much for the HD reduced effort clutch kit & transmission and primary gaskets
interested in the seat

could you please e-mail me a picture of the seat? How much were you looking to get for it?
[email protected]
sorry I have been away. I think I will sell the clutch kit with gaskets for $65 plus shipping. If I remeber the new these cost $48 for the kit $30 for the inner gasket and $5 for the transmission gasket.

I will take pictures of the seat and email them to you today
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