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Cool Trips This Summer

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Hey, it is 7 degrees here in Ohio and it is time for warmer thoughts! Anybody planning any cool bike trips this summer? I am going down the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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00Standard said:

This year, I'm planning on two weeks in Idaho...wanna ride the BIG mountians! Also gonna spend a day at the 100th B-Day Party in Milwaukee, then come home around Lake Superior...and I might take a buddy of mine (who is a Rolling Rock fanatic) to Latrobe, PA. ...or Mecca, as he calls it.

It should be a very good year.

00Standard, what route/roads do you plan to use going to Idaho? Been looking at the maps, first hand would be great. Trying to stay off the Tollways heading East, but don't want country lanes.......Thanks

The badland was a fantastic site. We went early in the morning on the way to sturgis (2100 miles each way riding, not trailering)and it was only 80 degrees, beautiful and worth the trip !!! Don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much in the 100+ degree heat that I hear is the norm.
The only way to make time is on THE BIG ROADS. Last time to Wyoming, we took I-80 to Ogallala, NE, then the state roads, but this year we're going I-90, right around Rapid City/Sturgis. Getting off 90 at Buffalo, Wyoming and running through the Bighorns. We're dropping our trailers In Cooke City, Montana (northeast entrance to Yellowstone)...and riding from there. I-90 is definitely your best bet, being way up there in the northern part of Illinois. If you've never gone I-90 to Sturgis, I'll warn you ahead of time, It's the most boring stretch of road you'll ride. Rolling black ribbon and corn! But once you get to those mountains, you realize the ride was worth it. Good thing you've got an Ultra Classic, you're gonna need that radio! Highway patrol are almost non-existent out there, so set that cruise at 80 and hang on.

It also depends on what part of Idaho you want to go to. We're just gonna make a big loop around it...I've got friends in Spokane, so we're going clear to the top and cross over into Washington.

Have good ride. If you're an AMA member, check your AMA magazine from a few months back, it had a great article on the roads to ride in Idaho. I'll see if I can find mine (I put it somewhere where I wouldn't forget where it was...but, of course...) I'll post the roads they mention here in a couple of days for you.
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kewl 00Standard....Thanks
Last summer I took my first BIG road trip 3,600 miles round trip. Left from my home in Bergen county NJ all the way down to Pampa Texas. Oh did I tell you it was the last week of June!! A little hot but what a trip. I did 500 miles the first day, 750 the second, 250 into Oklahoma City and 200 into my home town.. What a rush... It was a surprise trip for my family. They were having my brothers 2nd annual memorial benefit. I didn't tell a soul I was comming never the less riding my bike!! Was the best trip I have taken on my Bike. All my family and friends were so suprised. It will be hard to top it but will try this August at the 100th year celebration... I plan to make Laconia, Mertyl Beach and a few other long weekend trips up to Montreal and Upstate NY.
My wife thinks she wants to do a bike trip going north towards and maybe into Canada. It will definitely be one of those trips where we choose the direction and the destination just happens. We'll see :)

In the mean time I just made reservations in Destin, FL. for the MLK weekend (1/18-20). Might be a little cool but a nice warm-up for a big summer trip. Besides - the beach is a good place to be any time of the year :cool:
I haven't made the trip to the tail of the dragon (deal's gap) on my bike but I took my 2000 vet over there last year. It was the bomb.We had 15 vets and we stopped at the damn and had lunch...We all hit the turns wfo and had 5 or 6 hwp setting at the Tenn. line checking license and he stated he heard us coming. I asked him how far in Tenn it goes he laugh and said if you don't slow down not far.
I normally make two or three trips up to Riders Roost in the mountains of NC. It is a biker only campground. We normally have a group of 5 - 10 people go up and we have a great time. Check out their website . I go up when everyone is heading to Myrtle Beach.
Ratdog said:
We all hit the turns wfo and had 5 or 6 hwp setting at the Tenn. line checking license and he stated he heard us coming. I asked him how far in Tenn it goes he laugh and said if you don't slow down not far.
If ya didn't get to Tennessee, you didn't get the Dragon. It's all in Tennessee except maybe 1/8 of a mile which is in NC. All 318 switchbacks are in Tennessee! And...within 11 miles!
yellowFatboy200 said:
Laconia is a must fer me. Only 4hr
No, they'll be others there!:D YFB200; When are ya going up? Have'nt decided when I am but you might be riding through my neck of the woods and maybe we can hook up. Quite possibly be like Wednesday or so.

TA, Could'nt tell if you are going or not. What gives?

Rocko, Welcome back. How was Pheonix? You ain't gonna do Laconia?

As for me, I'll be a definite for Laconia. Maybe flying to Florida for some, "cabin fever relief" soon. Have'nt decided when but could be during bike week. Maybe rent and ride up from Melbourne if possible? (Um, what dates this year?) Passed up on a Sturgis trip with a couple buddies mostly due to expenses. Mrytle Beach ain't that far away, maybe look at that option.:D
Dennis, yeah I usually go both weekends but day trips. I rode there and back three seperate days last year (less than 100 miles each way). The year before that there was a single nite friday at the cottages on the little canal so I stayed overnight. Too many police with attitudes there, if I stay too long I'm bound to get in trouble. (they'll ticket or arrest you for saying show me your t!ts)!!
Maybe we can do a New England Eyeball. Got pleanty of local members here including Guido, TDickman, Rocko, and we can't forget Dean and the rest of the New Jersey and New York crew!:D
I'm all for it, hopefully before then though, plenty of events, swapmeets, runs before for an eyeball.
I am from Northeast Ohio and last year I took 50 East from Parkersburg and then picked up 33 east and took that over to Virgina on my way to Maryland. That is a nice ride. On 33 as you get to Virgina, it comes out of some twisties and straigtens out in the George Washington National Forest. It is like a long, cool green tunnel. Beautiful. What part of Ohio are you from? I ride down south all of the time. It is the best part of Ohio. One of my favorite rides is SR 800 south to SR 26 south to Marietta.
What? Nobody planning to hit Milwaukee for the "Big" party? Me and 4 Bros are heading there the last week of Aug. Ought to be a nice ride, maybe a little hot but oh well!! After b!tchin about the cold for so long, heat is something I'm looking forward to!:D
Hogg831: Found it...it's a loop starting on Rt 75 north out of Shoshone, ID...through Hailey and Ketchum (takes you through Sawtooth) then south on 93 along the Lost River Range. Follow 93 to the Craters of the Moon Natl. Monument. Rt. 21 (off the northwest corner of "the loop" looks good on the map...I may try that one, too. Idaho is pretty much all mountains, so any ride up there has got to beat the flat lands that you and I are used to.

TmrHrrs: I'm in Marion...I'm guessing you're from around Dover/New Philadelphia on that route. I used to have family over around Carroll and Harrison County...some good roads over there. I have heard about Rt 26, but haven't been on it yet. I've been through most of the Wayne Natl. Forest around New Lex and Gallipoilis. Broke down in Marietta once. :)
fourhour said:
Maybe we can do a New England Eyeball. Got pleanty of local members here including Guido, TDickman, Rocko, and we can't forget Dean and the rest of the New Jersey and New York crew!:D
How far are you guys from Marcus Dairy? It's about 2 hrs for me. I usually go 2 or 3 times a year
I think it's about a 3 hour drive from Central Mass to Danbury, CT. Just looked at their site and could not find a 2003 schedule. Dean, any info?
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