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this past summer i took a solo trip and rode 2500 miles from missoula, mt to vicksburg ms. it was my first trip on a bike and it was an eye opener. just got a wild hair and decided to take a trip of a lifetime. planned a return route, flew up to mt and bought a bike and rode it back.

unless you have done it, you will never know what it feels like to put sound logic and reasoning aside and go off chasing a dream. i think everyone should take the time to face themselves in the mirror and say "it is something i want to do, and there aint a living soul that will tell me i cant and convince me not to! i'll be back when i get back and thats that!"

my experience is one i will take to the grave and never once will i have to say "if i would have only taken the time to do such and such."

i think i even sleep better at night.

anyway, it is personally rewarding to make your big plans and follow them through to the last mile.
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