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Compression Question ???

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How would going with higher compression without using a wild cam ( cam with specs that would effectually lower compression at lower RPMs ) effect performance.
At what point can you co with the compression ration before havinge pinging problems on a 95 ci. 06 dyna superglide - EFI and a mild cam. One up - rider 200lbs - The appropriate adjustments made with SERT.
How would a dome top piston vs. a flat top effect a pinging / pre-detonation scenario. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

06 Dyna / Superglide
currently apart waiting for mods
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well thats a matter of how well you can tune i have gone to 10.5:1 with ported heads with S&S 510 cams had to finness the map but it made 110 ftlbs 108hp on a heritage softail
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