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I have a 2010 Street Bob (96") and I just installed V&H Big Radius 2-2, SE Heavy Breather, and SESPT and started off doing the smart tune myself. I recorded about 8 runs half just riding like normal and the other actually doing runs (on road). I started on the map 176AE106.dt0 and after my smart tunes my VE tables changed a little, but not much and only about the mid section of map. I left my AFR tables alone as I wasn't sure if I should change them.

After updated ECM with updated map, the bike seemed to run great, no decel pop, an hesitations, and at steady throttle it was smooth. I was talking to my brother-in-law (use to be harley tech) and he said when they dyno'd bikes, they set their AFR table at 13.0-13.2 across ALL the cells in the table and only changed the VE table to get it tuned well. From the maps I seen and from what I hear of people here that sounds different? the AFR tables all vary, not the same across the board. Anyways I took his advice richened my AFR (not all cells the same but richened most up, which a pictures is attached below).

Then today I was at the Harley dealership and had them run a quick dyno run. My results are attached in picture (HP=72, TORQUE=87, AFR was a little bit rich.) They said it wasn't too bad but could use a little work.

I also attached the AFR, VE Front, VE Rear tables I had programmed into the ECM for this dyno.

What do you guys think? Where could I improve upon this map?

My plan is this winter to go to a 103" Big Bore Kit, and then I will have it dyno'd at that point to ensure it's 100%.



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