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2006 RG
ported heads
andrews 37g cams
v/h propipe
stock throtle body w/ 8 degree injectos
thunder-max auto tune

I finished this build in late spring. Have been running the t-max since day one with over 6,000 miles. I had some slight pinging once it got hot and I would wot and recently tried a different map. The second map caused some popping on decel so I switched back as the original map was running overall great. I think the map is #281. There is only two for the 8 degree injectors w/ 95". When I switched back to the original basemap I also had the battery replaced since it went to ****, and the voltage regulator recall taken care of.

Current problem

Engine cranks over 8-10 times before starting on cool days or after sitting overnight. Once it starts it runs great w/ no hesitation. I can drive it all day cold or hot and it will restart normally. I have reset the iac and reinitiallized couple different times. Waiting on response from t-max.

Any suggestions?


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