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Clutch not fully disengaged?

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Noob Question: I just got a brand spankin' new '06 Night Train. Love it. But I've noticed something that my previous bike didn't do ('93 Honda Shadow VT1100C). When the Night Train is off and in gear, if I pull the clutch level in all the way the bike is really hard to move. If I put it into Neutral, it moves without issue. Is this normal, or do i need a clutch adjustment? My old Honda would move with little effort in or out of gear when the clutch was pulled in.

Thanks in advance...
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Its very annoying though. Bike will soon be too loud to drive into my garage, so I'll have to shut it down and coast as close as possible then push it the rest of the way.

Does anyone know what is actually causing it to be hard to push like that? Anything I can do to change it so that it moves freely when the clutch is all the way in? Thanks...
If you are pushing it already, just use Neutral when you coast in. This is normal on these bikes. My 96 and my wifes 06 act exactly the same.

Leave it in gear when parked, when you are ready to start it, pull clutch in, leave it in gear, rock it back and forth a few times to break the plates up, then put it in Neutral and start it, makes that first shift less of a clunk - especially on really colds days.
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