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50% Discount on our INVENTORY CLEARANCE just in time for the holidays!

For the next 14 days, we are offering a 50% discount on our in-stock new "discounted" windshields for the 1996-Present Harley Davidson Ultra/Street/Electra Glides!

Our new "discounted" shields are windshields that came through production with very minor cosmetic flaws. We have very detailed descriptions of each shield on our website so you know exactly what you are buying. Also, all of these shields are covered by our full manufacturer's warranty and return/exchange policy...100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Here's what some of our customers had to say:

"Its also very well made and even though it is a blem (all they had in stock for the size and colour I wanted) it looks flawless - their QC standards seem very high..."

"So impressed with your service! Got my shield today and I just ordered it Monday of this week! It seems to be just perfect in every way. Haven't ridden with it yet but knowing your product I know I'll love it. I never did find the blems..yea!"

"One word- Awesome. I can't believe they consider that "speck" a blemish."

"Even though I ordered the blemished shield because you had no others in stock, if there is a blemish, I can’t find it. The shield does exactly like you promised..."

"You advertised this shield as a blem but I haven't been able to find it yet. So I am very pleased with the price and quality..."

"...got the shield. Just finished installing and test riding WOW! Impressed with the shield! Way better than I expected can hardly tell it is damaged... I really have to try and find it. Thank you so much for the help. In this economy customer service is very poor, but not with you guys!"

"That is a NICE windshield! Where's the blem? hahaha Honestly, I don't see anything!...

• Great Christmas Present!
• Receive one of the industry's highest quality replacement screens at a phenomenal price
• Get that height or option that you were curious about when you ordered your first screen
• Maybe have this screen custom etched with your favorite picture, military emblem or club logo?
• Have a spare just in case - or have one for commuting and one for long "two up" touring
• Great gift for a friend
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - return or exchange if you are not happy with it
• Know that your purchase is covered by our full manufacturer's warranty
• Know exactly what you are ordering. Our inspectors are very picky and we have full descriptions of every shield on our website
• Manufacturing Quality Replacement Windscreens since 1986 and proudly made in the USA

Did you know that we also offer custom etched windshields?

Artwork is only limited to your imagination. Above are a few examples. Please call for a price quote.

You can see what's available for this discount in our new discounted inventory by following this link:

Once on that page, scroll to the bottom and click "View Available Inventory" and scroll down to the heading "New Discounted Shields".

If you order online, please reference this email in the "comments" section and we will adjust the price when we process the order.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

If you have questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-798-6089

Offer not valid when combined with other discounts

Feel free to share this offer with your friends!
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