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Currently own 6 black vehicles and understand exactly what you're saying....small scratches. There are several products out there that will "cover" these scratches for a period of time or until the next time you wash the bike.

One thing that you have to remember when washing your ride, DO NOT use the same sponge/rag/mitt/whatever that you used to wash the engine, wheels and such, to wash your paint. Small bits of crap get into these and can't, I repeat, can not be removed. I have a mitt to do the paint and another mitt to do the engine/wheels/such... You drop your "paint" mitt on the ground....you have another engine/wheel mitt because it's going to pick up dirt !!!! Oh!!!! I also have a different wash bucket for each also.

A little side bar, try washing your bike with Woolite fabric wash for the final wash of your paint. Use the powder and NOT the liquid.

Good luck....

Ride Safe !!!
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