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I just bought some S-100 to clean my Lowrider with (used it yesterday) and I must say I am very impressed. Just sprayed it on, and hosed it off!
Anyone else using S-100 products? What do you think of them, or any other products that you use?
Also, does anyone have any tips to share for making sure our rides are as clean and shiny as they can be? I found that I missed several spots the first go 'round, so I had to keep circling and wiping. I guess I will have to develop a routine...
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Re cleaning...

Hey there Flash,

I've been using S100 products for three years now and swear by 'em. Their engine brightener does wonders for black wrinkle finishes.

I use Simichrome polish on the aluminum and chrome and S100 Detail & Wax as a touch up between applications of carnuba paste wax on the tank and fenders.

I only wet wash the bike about once a month unless I get caught in the rain. Wet washing has bit me in the ass by fouling the cam sensor once. Had to dry it out with WD40.

The Detail & Wax works well to perform dusting chores.

Works for me!


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