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Cleaning jets in efi

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I have a 2000 Ultra with efi. I was wondering if it is necessary to use a fuel additive to clean the jets? If I need to clean the jets, what do you recommend I use to do it. Thanks for any advice.
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If you mean the injectors it should be enough to run fuel with a good detergent like Chevron.

If you are going to store the bike even just for a few weeks it is a good idea to remove the fuel pump fuse and let the bike run out of fuel.

Don't know about Canada but the oxygenated fuel we run here decomposes real quick and can plug them.

They can be calibrated, balanced, flowed and cleaned, but you are not going to do it at home. As a matter of fact even the largest dealers just replace them if they show any sort of problem.
Thanks Hippo, and yes I did mean the injectors. The bike is running fine now but was just thinking about a bit of preventative maintenance. I always run the highest octane available, usually 91 or 92. Is it a good idea to use the injection cleaning additive once in a while?
It can't hurt if it is a good product, but on a bike that is run all the time it isn't really necessary.

I don't know about Canada , but in the U.S.A. Chevron gas comes with a real good injection additive .

It is good preventitive mx.

In Houston, I run a good 93 octane. I also add a can of STP every 5000 miles and run it through two tanks of gas.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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