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Took the oil tank out today. The clamps the moco has on the oil line are a pain but they work and are immune to vibration. I hate having to replace them with the old standard clamps. Is there any other option?

Discovered my lower fitting on the moco oil pressure gauge is leaking so thats gotta go too. I think I am going to run SS tubing with SS swagelock fittings. I dont like braid in there any more then I like the mocos plastic hose. The fittings from the moco look lite shite too and its only a year.

I was going to replace the trans cover bolts with SS until I noticed today that the originals are grade 8's. Guess it means a trip to the chrome bin.

Finished installing the Magnum Shielding Chromite 2 cables today. Thats nice stuff.

Then the Steelers won and thats just fine.
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