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Kinda funny to see Hawg listed as "junior member"... hey, admin folk, ya need to take another looksee at this gig... o'l Hawg's anything but a junior anything... (oops, was that a poke in the old senior discount ribs, there, Hawger??? heh, heh...)

anyway, chop's are definitely the thing for this old soul.... never even rode anything shorter than 6 over... ran a 18 over trumpet kicked out to an 850 cc, used to knock longnecks over from about 20 feet for laughs.... that was a fine little ride... still remember the judge in Tejas, way past outta the weeds, in his boxers at midnight, asking " waayyyuuulll.... whaddya got ON yuh, then????"... there went that ride.

ran a few sporty's, one in particular was my favorite, a stroked 66 xlch... a real pounder, didn't actually roll around, it just grabbed the planet and spun it under it's wheels.... ran that bad boy for many many years... 7 years as my only means of transport, whil'st living in SLC, Ut.... snow, ice, the whole shot and all...

ran a couple of nothing to write home about shovels, and another pan... my current pan is *** for me; took me over two years of searching to find "the one"... and this is it... runs as good as it looks; ate an Evo's lunch the other night so bad he actually turned off the main drag and got lost, right in front of his partners... kinda comical.

like 'em long, low, and meaner'n a snake, myself... hell, if I wanted comfort, I'da drove my caddy SLS...
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