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Checking Rocker ticking Noise Question

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I am going to install the baisley spring but also want to check rocker box. Is the spring I am replacing on the cam plate or next to it. Baisley said it was on the bottom left of the cam case no the cam plate.

Also, do I need to do anything with the pushrods check the rocker box? I would prefer to leave them in pull the tank and just pull the tops to check the rocker box. When I check the rocker box what should I be looking for?

Any other ideas to diagnose what is causing the ticking?
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You didn't mention mileage on the bike? When I changed out my cams, just installing SE adjustable pushrods made the top end quieter. Lifter noise can sound like it's coming from the rocker boxes too. New lifters, like the ones from AMS are not too expensive. Oh, and the spring is in the Cam plate - great picture on harleyhogs site...
10,000 Miles on the bike. 2000 FXST. 5,000 miles on the 95" Build. I have the SE adjustables and put in new lifters when the 95" build was done. So I am trying to figure other things to check on the noise. I guess I could try tightening or loosening the pushrods. If its clicking should I try to loosen or tighten.

Does the spring go in the top middle of the cam plate? Based on the harley hog picture it looks like the plug in the top middle.
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