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Hey guys. I posted a few picks of some of my work a month or so ago. Heres my latest piece. Theres actually 2 pieces in the set, a gas tank and front fender.
The idea was to create a beautiful wood bike and then make it look as though its on fire. I made a wooden(well fiberglass and carbon) coffin tank. The tank opens like a coffin to find your gas cap. The tank has been scortched untill i got a sparkling black crispy carbon look from the wood(which doesnt show well in the pic). The fender is actually half a fender because the other half burnt and broke off(or so i made it look). My idea is to have the fender and tank airbrushed to look as though its on fire. The front fender being the most burnt then the tank and have the fire fade out on the rear fender leaving the tail Red Mohagany.
Anyway herres the pic. Im going to be posting the set on ebay shortly. I have few other works on ebay now if youd like to check them out. Ebay name Protocept.
My pics do not show the true beauty of this tank in anyway.
Email me with comments or interest [email protected]

I hope im not out of line posting this

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