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"chattering" and knock in 01 Road King

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I posted a message regarding these noises last week but got no response. Maybe don't know where to look. Just in case, here it is again.

Currently own an 01 Road King with factory installed 95 " stage ll kit. In addition, it has 203 cams, flat top pistons, SE lifters, adjustable push rods, new cam idler gears and tensioner shoes, new tensioner chain. Bike has 34,000 + miles on it. Religiously changed oil every 1000, and primary and tranny every 2500.

Shortly after the BB install, after break in period, took the bike to Sturgis in 03. Experienced pre-ignition most of the way out and back. Took bike to Florida the same summer and stopped by Daytona H-D regarding pinging. They sent me to Carl's speed shop next door where a Power Commander ll was installed and most of the pre-ignition went away.

Started hearing a "chattering" noise that sounded like a loose hear shield. Have been chasing it for 2 years now. Found out that the original BB install included dome top 10.25 compression pistons and had them changed out to flat tops. While in there, they checked the heads and found no problems. They did, however, discover a misaligned idler sprocket and a toasted tensioner chain which the dealer replaced. Still had the chattering noise.

Have taken the bike to several dealers and had their "ace" mechanics try to pin point the noise but no=one can find it. They have removed the valve covers to look for any metal to metal contact, run the bike with the valve covers off, and now recommend getting "deeper" into the motor.

Recently I have noticed a "knock" coming from the motor or maybe it's bumping the frame somewhere. Have replace both upper and lower motor alignment devices and the front rubber motor mount without any luck.

Everyone says there is nothing "serious" wrong with it, just ride it. But I find myself spending all my time listening instead of enjoying.

Mechanics stethoscope seems to indicate the "chattering is coming from the front left of the front cylinder.

Any help?
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One thing I have seen even with low lift cams. I have then the rocker arm hit the cover in stock bikes, being that lids are cast they are going to have soem differences from one to another. THe problem becomes when a tech swaps a frontfor rear cover or vice versa. What I am saying is that you may have a slight clearance problem with rocker arms even on stock motor. I know they said they checked but it can be a very small area.

There are other things like piston slap, wrist pin bushing clearance out of spec, misaglined engine, broken front motor mount. List goes on and on. Chasing noise can be fun. Do you have any vibration at all that seems out of the ordianry??

Do the noise change with rpm??, at idle, NEED more info . :blink:

Thanks for the response. The noise starts at about 2500 RPM. A shop in Cincinnati took the covers off and put tape on all the areas that they felt might come in contact. They shaved a bit off the front cover and tried 3 times to eliminate the noise to no avail. Interesting if if was just a matter of switching the covers.

The knock chase has included new engine alignment adjusters and front rubber motor mount with no success.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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