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mobil 1

It's fortuitous that this topic should arise today as I just purchased some mobil 1 yesterday but I haven't changed the oil yet. Maybe you could answer a couple of questions for me.
1. At what interval are you going to change your oil ?
2. Is synthetic oil subject to the degradation over the winter as regular
3. Because I wasn't aware that Mobil came in a V-Twin formulation I
purchased the 15w-50 with the red cap. Is that okay, or should I take
back? (approx $5 per quart)
(note concerning warranties: I'm in the automotive business and this is one of my areas of expertise. Use of any product such as this cannot outright void your warranty. If you have a malfunction that can be traced to the use of said product, then that specific repair would not be covered but your warranty remains intact. And, here's where they get ya, you are still obligated to follow the service intervals set forth by the manufacturer in the owner's manual in order to keep your warranty intact. The good news is that the reccommended oil change interval is 5000 miles (which seems a bit long) after the first 1000 mile oil change.)

Any insights or suggestions you have to offer would be appreciated.
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