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Friend of mine has been running regular Mobil One 15w-50 in his bike(95 Road King) from day one and swears by it. He changes own oil about every 3000 - 4000 miles and has service done pretty regular. Never had a problem with that oil. I have been running it from day one and have about 19,000 miles on bike and no problems. Ooh, that reminds me, about due to change it again.

Synthetic oils are widely used in racing and high performance/high dollar vehicles.

There is another thread on J&P Cycles - about oils - www.j-pcycles.com. Click on the forum section and go to tech talk. The topic is 'Oil Again' and about 300 postings have been done. Lots of comments from people about their experiences with different oils.

Will I continue to use synthetic oil in bike? Yep, and I also use synthetics in transmission.
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