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Central VA New Year's Ride

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A couple friends and I do an annual New Year's Day Ride and would like to extend an invitation to the fine folks on the VTF.

We meet at 12 Noon on this Sunday, January 1 in the parking lot of The Dogwood Restaurant (Fluvanna County, VA, west of Richmond, east of Charlottesville), located at the following address:

The Dogwood, 10 Centre Court, Palmyra, VA 22963.

This location is on Route 600 in Fluvanna County, about 2 miles from where 600 meets Route 53 (Thomas Jefferson Pkwy), just outside the neighborhood of Lake Monticello.

Please do NOT call the good folks at The Dogwood for info., as they do not sponsor, endorse, or support the ride in any way, though they are darn fine people and very biker friendly (standard legal disclaimer). Please PM me if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays! :cheers:
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Wish I'd have seen this earlier. Hope ya had a good ride. I ended up on the OBX watching the Steelers beat up the Lions:Banadance
We had a good time - no VTF'ers, but a few folks turned out. Your Steelers bounced back real well yesterday. I'll post in this forum next time we pull something together. Looks like you're in Sandy Hook - near Goochland/Powhatan off 522?
Yeah, it was a good game. I hated to see palmer get hurt, I don't like Cinci and really don't care for the way C. Johnson runs his mouth. But it is a bummer to get hurt in that type of situation.
I'm about a mile from 250 & 522 intersection. but yeah let me know next time.

I have property down south of Farmville and I ride that way a bunch...I'll keep my eye out for some of your rides...ya oughta roll up and join the "delinquents" for a couple of putts if ya get the chance...

Somehow we ended up in the northeast thread (prolly cause we're in the "other" Va) but we're always going somewhere...it'd be cool for us to come down and join ya when the days are a little longer as a group too...
Rob - I'll keep you posted in the future.

Swmnkd, I'll keep an eye on that n'east forum and try to catch up with you delinquents.
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