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cement mixer

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have a old sporty with open pipes
stopped at some lights with the bike and a passer by said they thought it was a dumper truck with a broken exhaust coming down the road.:badmood: any body recommend a pipe that does'nt sound like a cement mixer:brows: , nice crisp sound? ;)
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"Old Sporty"....means what, Ironhead, early Evo?

An Ironhead with open pipes was described to me as sounding like a VW with burn out mufflers.

Besides open pipes do nothing for a Sporty under about 8G RPM. There are all kinds of good working exhaust syatems for Sporties that sound good. Get in the catalogs.
Ok, you like loud, obviously.
Best bang for your buck would be Cycle Shack.
Good stuff at a good price.

its a evo motor
How about Python 3 by Drag Specialties. They are on the loud side, but have a nice deep (big block) sound to them. :cool:
Sampson big gun II's have a nice sweet sound to them on sporty's. :thumbsup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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