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Carburator Surging at Idle

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I have 06' EG Std with Carb. SE A/C, SE mufflers and modified CV Carb.
I noticed this weekend suring the Toys for Tots run that when at idle the rpm with surge from 900 to 1200-1300 rpm and then back to 900. Engine will idle at around 900 for a minute and then surge again. This occurs after the bike is warm and the Enricher is off. :confused:
Bike has 2000 miles on it, and just noticed this once the temps have been below 40.

Any help or ideas appreciated.
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When I experienced erratic idle, it was due to an air leak associated with the intake manifold. At one time or the other I found problems with all of the following; manifold to head seals, manifold vacuum hoses, carb to intake manifold seal.
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