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I just bought a 2007 bbc with an S&S 100 engine. The engine has been
motified. I need advice to start a base line on the carb tuning. The
engine has 600 series Andrews Cams, Ported & Polished heads, 45 mm
Mikuni Carb, D&M Spike Air Cleaner, Martin brothers pipes. I will
need to check for intake leaks. The bike has nuts. I pulls nice in
low gears. The problem that I find is that every now and the it pops
or backfires through the carb. Any ideas or help would be great. I
would like an idea of what size main and pilot jets I should start
with. Thanks

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Good Dyno tuner

If I were you, I would find me a good Dyno center and have them baseline your bike. The Dyno is the best way to go. Just my -2$en#e-
Sounds like a nice bike you have there.
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