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Carb icing up

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I have had nothing but pure joy from my 2000 dyna glide since I bought it. but the carb ices up below 4 degrees c (sorry I don't speak Farenheight) I was given some 'winter fuel additive' when I bought the bike by the HD dealer - this fixed the problem.

My question is do I have to keep buying the offical stuff, of does something else work ? Parafin? Diesel? Cooking oil? Beer?

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I quit riding my carb'ed tc88b under 35 degrees F. When not on the gas it didn't want to run. It would sputter and act like it was begging for fuel. It runs great 40 and above.


I have ridden in weather where there was ice on my scooter, but never did experience a carb. iceing up.
Change your source where you get your fuel and see if you notice any inprovement.

Ride Safe.
Re: Fuel?

highrider said:

Do you know that gasoline's boiling point here in the USA is - 40 degrees F, thats boiling point not freezing point.

Sorry highrider,

if gasoline's boiling point was indeed -40F it would not be in the liquid state above -40F.

A wish I had a nickel for every time I have been wrong.....
I know I have enough for a new bike:p
I had that problem with the carb freezing on a "dune buggy" back in the 60's. It was a VW engine with the heater boxes removed. All carbs will freeze given the right conditions of cold incoming air temp and the right humidity. The cooling effect from the vaccum works just like a refrigerator. I'm not familiar with glide specifics. Somehow the carb needs to be warmed to offset the cooling effect. This is usually done by redirecting radiant heat from the engine. Do you still have the stock aircleaner and cover or have you opened it up?
I don't know about hutch, but I've opened up with the SE breather. It starts acting up at around 35 F after a long ride of 70-80 mph. The ride itself is fine, but when I slow to street speeds and try and get on and off the gas...
Wow, this has been my first ever use of a 'chat room' and I'm impressed.
It looks like you, Sned, have the same problem as me. Yes indeed I had the bike delivered with a stage 1 - and at least here in the UK that meant a free flow air cleaner (so I dont have the original, and I believe it was a one way trip, the carb having been modified in an irreversable manner to deal with the free flow.)
And I think it was you, Big Al who noted that the icing is not only a function of temp, but also humidity - well we got 'humidity' dropping out of the sky here on a monotinously regular basis!

So all you helpful guys out there, do I take it no one has found a cure?

As someone up the list said - Ride Safe! Hutch
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