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8-Ball said:

I went for an extended ride today and noted that the noise, while not gone, has definitely improved.

I think it has moved to be most correct. It used to be most prevalent at cruising speed (any gear), but has now moved to idle, decel, and light accel. There is no noise when accelerating strongly. I also notice that the noise is reserved now for lower speeds... I hear nothing over 45 mph... weird.

Overall the spring has been a success in terms of reducing this most annoying clatter. Having the noise occur during cruising speeds was intolerable.
Just a note if your noise developed after the gear drive was installed it could be the gear lash. I was talking to a wrench at the local HD shop about the gear lash and he did not know that you you could get oversized and undersized gears for the proper fit and noise reduction. He just said that some are noisier that others. :thumbsdn: My-2$en#e-
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