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8-Ball said:
Putting it back together: ran all the bolts through a die, and ran a tap in the case holes to get all the locktite out. Then did alcohol and a swab in each case hole and blew them out with an air hose. I then soaked the bolts in acetone, brushed em, and put them all in with a drop of loctite blue. Torqued them all to 105 in-lbs in the prescribed pattern (50, then 85, then 105).

Dammit.... that was fun. Gotta go get a header gasket now so I can put the pipe back on

.... later and THANK YOU!!!!!

Be carefull with the tap, and die trick. Some of the HD fasteners are machined with an interference fit. I usually use different sizes of copper bore brush, and clean the threads good on the bolts. Visual inspection too make sure there is nothing in the bolt hole, I have damaged a case on an old Yamaha in the past. Good thing it was the Yamaha, not the HD.:duh?:
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