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I just bought my first Harley. It is a Softail Heritage 2001. It has 2150 miles, was stock. I put a carb-hop and screamin' eagle exhaust before I picked it up. The bike seems to run good and the service manager gave me the thumbs up, but I have some questions. 1. It runs hot. I know this is normal, but how hot is normal? It has no gauges, so I am not sure. 2. I have an annoying rattle from the front end somewhere. No idea where? 3. It could be my imagination, but it seems the front fork leans right. Is this normal? 4. the engine is noisy. I know it is 88CI and very powerful, but is it normal to be noisy? Mostly I here allot of air, no knocks/pings...etc. 5. Is it normal to sound like it is missing and going to stall? As soon as I throttle a little it smoothes right out. 6. What is a carb-hop, and how does this effect performance and engine sound? Thank You
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