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My 02 Heritage is my third Harley, and I am no expert but I do have some good practical experience . Get the oil tank temperature gauge, and don't mess with a pressure gauge(it will only scare you at stoplights). The oil temp will be roughly around 200 when hot, depending on air temp, how fast and hard you've been running. The bikes are designed to run 185 to 215 normally. Regular oil starts to cook above 250, so most people use Mobil1 15-50 synthetic or equivalent after a few thousand break-in miles. It holds up to extreme heat best. Dealer wants to sell you regular oil, but the synth is way better for the motor and will not void your warranty.
The balanced softail twin cam motor makes a lot of mechanical type noises cause there is a lot more things inside spinning than the dyna unbalanced motors. You will get used to the sounds.
As far as your carb mods, it is urgent that you go to the dealer and find out from the mechanic exactly what he changed, what jets he used, where he set the needle, and what type of air cleaner you have(stock paper or hi-flow K&N). This is important fot 2 reasons. Thanks to the federal EPA the stock carb is jetted very lean, and a air cooled motor likes a rich mixture(cooler motor). If the carb is lean and you have a free flow air cleaner and you have free flow pipes, you will probably cook your valves and do long term damage to the motor. When you have the K&N and aftermarket pipes you must re-jet your carb to flow more fuel to match your stage one mods so your motor will be cooler, but the down side is you lose a little gas mileage.
You will probably see lots of threads about re-jetting carbs on this site, because it is a critical part of a good running motor. And stay away from drag pipes cause you will lose all the low end torque below 4000 rpm where you will spend 95% of your time. (but they sure sound good though). For more info check out j-pcycles.com/forum/forum/9/
Later, Jefro.
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