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rlpos said:
OK. The task is done. I installed the cam with the original gear from Andrews and just as I suspected it was too big which created a distinct whine after the bike warmed up, so I pulled it back out took it to the shop and pressed on the original Harley gear and re-installed. Just took it for a test run and she is quiet as a church mouse. No whine No pusrods hitting the tubes and very little lifter noise. Here are the details.
Andrews EV-27, Revtech II adjustable pusrods(adjusted to 23 flats), CV carb w/ thunderslide kit (45 slow jet and 185 main), Sreaming Eagle slipons, Hyper Charger with K&N filter.
Any Ideas on what pipes to try?
Don't know about pipes but you saved a lot of money changing the cam gear. A new pinion gear was over $100 the last time I looked.
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