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I've been looking around trying to find a bike for a while now. I wanted to get a Harley but they were just to damned expensive. I was looking for a Sportster since that was the only thing I could possibly afford. While I was looking I met a guy down in Florida that gave me a wild idea. He had just got a Buell Lightning and loved it, he also has a few choppers. He told me to look for a Buell even though I wasn't exactly looking for a sport bike. Since they are cheap compared to 1200 Sporties, I could buy one ride it around and build a cheapo rigid chopper after I had saved up some more money. I got to looking for a buell and though their aren't many used ones aound here, I finally found one. Now I'm thinking of not messing up a good thing and never chopping it.
I plan on getting it this saturday. But I'd like to get some opinions and advice first.

1996 Thunderbolt S2
7,500 miles
carbon fiber intake
Supertrapp Muffler

It looks pretty clean and well maintained
I've had a chance to crank it up but haven't rode it yet
It cranks and idles fine with no smoke

About how much do you think it's really worth.
Also is there anything I should look for before I buy it.
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