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buying a bike

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im new to harleys, i dont even own one yet.. i was looking to buy a 2002 XL 883C SPORTSTER 883 CUSTOM
im 6'3 185lbs. is this bike a good one to start? too small? i have experience with dirtbikes and once in a blue moon i get to take my fathers sportster 1200 around the block. im going to take the motorcyle course that is offered here in NJ. i would like to here some feedback before i decide on what to do/ what to get. thanks, Everett
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I told my girl Leece (huckelberry1) that there was a guy 6'3" and 185#'s who was asking about buying a 883 Sportster. She asked "why is he so xxxx?" OK, you get the idea. Don't do it!!!!! A 883 is much too small a bike for a rider your size. Maybe a 1200? Although you'd look "big" on it, a 1200 would be fun. You will not be happy with a 883.

Indeed, while I know a lot of guys who ride Sportsters, and I think Sportsters are fun bikes for short trips, I know a lot more who regret not just going with a Big Twin to begin with. If it's a factor of money, maybe you'd be happier with a large metric cruiser for a couple years while you save for a Big Twin? Or just plan for an additional year of payments on a Big Twin. IMHO, the 883 is not the bike for you.
I agree. The Sportster is not the bike for you. I use to own a 883 "hugger". I'm only 5' 8", 170lbs. The bike fit me just fine, but after riding it for a couple of months I knew I needed a bigger bike. I think that you'd be much happier if you bought a Kawasaki Vulcan or Mean streak. Also, take a look at the Yamaha Road stars on the Honda Ace. Great bikes for about what you'd spend on the Sporster.

i've decided on the XL SPORTSTER 1200. my father has the same bike but its a 88. i've ridden the bike plenty of times and im going to buy that for my first bike. after that its off to one of the big boys. what do u think? all opinions are appreciated. thanks, Everett
I think we already told ya what we think....and you told us you've already decided to get it anyway. Good luck when you trade it in on a big twin.
New Sporty???

Hey Soon,

I'm with the rest of the boys on the Sporty being too miniscule for a gangly legged individual. I went the same route many years ago and finally came around to my FXDX.

Check out an FXD! The base Superglide is only a couple grand more than a 1200 Sporty and twice the bike.

Just my .02

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well, i couldnt get the loan right now, and the guy at the dealer said that whats out there is whats left unless i want to order one for 2003. he said they would be in around november or december. i think thats what im going to do(prob. gonna get a bigger bike too!):)
Although I really enjoy my Sporty, I can't help but daydream about that all black Super Glide Sport! It looks like the bike was made for ME! I have yet to ride one, but I am hoping it's a little more comfortable than the hard ride provided by a Sporty. New England roads are rough and I feel every crack in them. Everybody told me that I would trade up, just did'nt know it would be so soon! Anybody want to buy a truck?
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