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First a little about me to establish the framework.

I've bought a 2002, 1200 Buell M2. It's a big change for me as my previous experience (10 years ago) was road racing 350 cc two strokes. I didn't want to give up the ultra light weight handling and 150 mph was plenty fast for me. I'm very pleased with the feel of the Buell. Once it's rolling, its geometry is makes it turn as well as the RD did. It's taking me time to get used to a power band a bit lower and wider than 10,000-10,750. The sounds and feel are also foreign to me, but I'm getting to know them.

The engine has had some "exterior" work done. It has a Vance & Hines slip-on, K & N filter on a Forcewinder intake (I've mill out a slot in the Forcewinder for float bowl venting), and a Thunderslide kit. I’ve installed the factory race ignition that boosts redline from 6500 to 6800.

This is supposed to be a torque monster, but I only get a 6” front wheel lift in a full on 1-2 shift at redline. I know from a quick plug reading that I'm running rich. I've got to drop the needle in the stock CV40 carb and probably drop the size of the Pilot as well. The compression is good.

My future plans are to get some “light” head work done. I want to clean up the ports while keeping their diameter reasonable to maintain flow velocity for (almost reasonable) street use. We’ll also match the intake manifold to the heads. Stay with stock size valves. I intend to change to a 42 Mikuini with a Yost pilot tube but recognize that this is more of a “feel” and adjustability item rather than a significant power item.

I’d like the power to start coming in about 3200 – 3500 and carry to about 7000 – 7200. I’ve been looking at both the Andrew’s & Wood’s cams, but there is not quite enough info for me to make a choice. Any suggestions here? Also, is this a mild enough combo to use stock lifters and rockers? Can I just cut the tubes and pushrods and replace with adjustables, or will I need to pull the heads?

Please go easy on a Big Bore, Four Stroke, V-Twin, neophyte, but do understand real tech talk.

Thanks in advance for your expertise and help.
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