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Brown goop coming out of lower triple tree...

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Hey, I have an '06 FXSTBI with just under 1000 miles on it. This morning when I got on my bike I noticed a bunch of brown goop coming out of the lower triple tree where the triple tree meets the frame (stearing knuckle? Where the stearing bearings are etc). The same goop is on this little niple thing on the right side of the stearing knuckle. I assume its grease that keeps the stearing rod/bearings lubricated etc. But I wouldn't think it would come out like this. Is this normal. Should I just wipe it off and keep on riding? Or take it in? Sorry, no pics at the moment... Thanks for any help.
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Yeah it's grease. This would be indicated by the grease zirk (nipple) you saw on the steering neck. This is where you would put the grease in. A little will seep out the bottom after you grease it. Just wipe it off when it comes out.

There should be something about this in your owners manual also. Otherwise a service manual would be a good purchase.
If you don't see a little grease there......then start to worry.
Ok, cool... Figured it was benign. Thanks...
Yeah, my '06 train did the same thing.
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