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Brake Pad Recommendations

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Its time to replace the brake pads on my 1999 Softail Custom.I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.The OEM pads squeled like crazy,but stopping wasn't bad.Are there any better aftermarket pads that stop well and don't make noise. I was looking at the Custom Chrome kevlar pads.
Any help would be greatly APPRECIATED !!!
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LRB's are good but expensive. On the late bikes, after 00, the EBC's are probably as good and half the price. (FA 299).

On the single piston caliper pre 00 bikes there really wasn't a problem with the factory pads, but when we wanted to upgrade them a little we used to go with Dunlopads. Guess LRB and EBC sort of fall into this category.

Thanks guys!!! I'm gonna go with the Lyndall Racing Brakes.The guys I ride with have also heard good things about them,currently no one is using them. Going to order them next week. And as far as a little more expensive,for my scooter I want the best brake pads money can buy.City traffic in Chicago can really get bad,GREAT brakes are a must.:eek:

I used Lyndall pads for 500 miles...it's a hell of a change ..I think!
I have a '01 Fat Boy and the brakes suck!!..compared to what I used to have!
I haven't tried EBC so I can't say anything good or bad.......
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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