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Did this job a year ago, thought I would post it here.

2000 Road King. 15,000 miles. No lever when I got bike. Lever went almost all the way to handle.

Low miles so I took them off, tore them completely apart. Everything cleaned up good. Reused all parts except new bleeder screw and new banjo washers.

Have not bleed brakes yet. Took pictures of tear down and install.

Caliper apart - pistons were frozen - pretty dirty

Lower half is in middle it has the 2 rubber washers that are off.
Upper half to the right has the part that is the anti rattle metal piece. I believe the pad top metal parts slide across it when cleaned and greased.

Soaking parts in brake cleaner.
They are in my high tech empty butter tub / parts cleaner thingy

Pistons out. Partially cleaned . Wiper part and rubber oil ring were not taken out of where the piston is installed

Inside of piston. Crudy oil/grease in bottom. Holes the have a little hole in them is where those little rubber washers are installed. The brake fluid goes through there and push's piston out.

This is what I used to coat the inside of the pistons holes. Outside of the pistons. The pins that hold the brakes. The metal anti rattle metal piece

Parts all cleaned and ready to be put back together

Greased up piston hole and outside of pistons, and wiper and rubber seal in side of hole

After install and wiped surface clean - rubber o rings installed

Greased up metal retainer / anti rattle piece

Greased up pins for pads

Finished install ready to go back on rotor.

I hope this helps anyone doing this. My first Harley and my first time doing the brakes. I read my service manual.

I have done a bunch of car brakes before so I understand what the parts do. The service manual does not say lube the metal anti rattle piece or the pins.
I do this when I do car brakes so I did it on the bike.


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I gotta hand it to ya
"Job Well Done" I must be a true Tech-Head, I like to see the pictures cause thats were the proof is. I do cage brakes 2-3 times a week & by the looks of the pictures you posted you have definitly have rounded your corners. I am curious if you will post what pads you used & if you will post the outcome of their longevity when that day comes round.

Dare ... :beer:
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