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Still thinking about that Glide? I am...
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Make you a deal on the RatGlide with any HP/TQ you want, if I can get a first shipment 03. :D
Yep, I'd really like to have a SE Glide in the Black and Silver like Cavemans. I'll see what happens next year, I may order one loaded out like an Ultra if I can get it at msrp and get a decent price for my bike. Lots of if's there.
The SE's are high priced for sure. Take a look at Hippo's bike. I'm sure he will let it go for a song!:D
That Black & gray is my favorite color too. But I would like a black one and paint (instead of the eagle) a chicken! LOL
Looks like one of my predictions is coming true. Went to my guy last night and saw a printout of all the bikes being shipped in the first phase.
No FLTR. Saw the pricelist for the 03's, guess what?, no price for the FLTR.
Unless they made a mistake, there might be no 03 FLTR, they will all be FLTRI's.
If this turns out to be the case, then there is no point in trading bikes, as I know what I have and there is always a risk with any new bike. I'll know for sure next monday when he comes back from Milwaukee.
They stopped making the SE Glide in 01, almost got one, but decided it was better to have the 02 upgrades then the fancy stuff, and also it would be hard to call a SE RatGlide. :D

Both the black and grey and the blue one are nice looking in a way, but real men wear black, chrome is for kids. :D
Well, I'm damn sure not famous for too much chrome, just more **** to polish! You can either ride em or polish em, I'd rather ride.
SE - the rat glide !!!!(serg)!!!!!! :D
I know what ya mean on the chromw.... I just put my front crash bar back on,but powder coated it black first! Silver enjine,w/chrome covers,every thing else black. Well almost everything...
word I got....(which is ... ****) was a $600- $1000 increase....hmmmmmmn was that MRSP or whaatcha really gonna pay......

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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