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booggerbe dyno Results 98"

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Ok gang . 119.46 HP/108.01 TQ. The results are done. First and formost i want to thank Randy(Hyperformance) and Reggie(R&R Cycles) for their imput and combination to make these numbers happen. The dyno was done in a 5th gear pull. I have only a 5 speed.also i had the stock gearing in 3:15. The results are in true time. Also the altitude was 1,720 above sea level. I have done all things in real time and real results and if you understand these conditions. The motor still has more. All comments are welcome and thinking of going to Fla. to get even better numbers. after the final dyno . Wayne (Speeds Performance) did back up runs and still the same numbers. Wayne thinks that there is more in the motor but the air was not good enough to get more. Hope all can see the curve and the dang motor pulled to 6,400 RPM.Ok the motor is done and now off to get the paint on. Thanks booggerbe


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I was actually thinking of going back to 3:15 gears for my 98". It pulls so hard and revs so fast that I think it might be quicker if I can stay in the meat longer between shifts.

One of the main things I don't like about the 3:15 gears though, is that at 25 MPH, 35 MPH, and 45 MPH it feels as though I'm either too high or too low in rpm, depending on what gear I am in.

For example, at 35 MPH 2nd is too high, but 3rd feels like it is lugging.
With the 3:37 gears, at those speeds it feels goods cruising.
Yes claybal, It was still pulling when the rev limiter kicked in at 6,300. He is so busy when he is at these rallies that i didnt want anymore. So i said nothing. The dang motor just in the seat of my pants still feels to out pull the ole RP motor. Just looking at the graphs it shows close to the same in graph lines but the numbers dont match. As i said the rp motor with the 3:37 gearing and the Hp/rr motor with the 3:15 gearing go figure that lol.thanks again. booggerbe
Thanks Booggerbe!! Just what I was looking for.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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