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booggerbe dyno Results 98"

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Ok gang . 119.46 HP/108.01 TQ. The results are done. First and formost i want to thank Randy(Hyperformance) and Reggie(R&R Cycles) for their imput and combination to make these numbers happen. The dyno was done in a 5th gear pull. I have only a 5 speed.also i had the stock gearing in 3:15. The results are in true time. Also the altitude was 1,720 above sea level. I have done all things in real time and real results and if you understand these conditions. The motor still has more. All comments are welcome and thinking of going to Fla. to get even better numbers. after the final dyno . Wayne (Speeds Performance) did back up runs and still the same numbers. Wayne thinks that there is more in the motor but the air was not good enough to get more. Hope all can see the curve and the dang motor pulled to 6,400 RPM.Ok the motor is done and now off to get the paint on. Thanks booggerbe


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Nice build and great numbers for a 98 build!!!!
You got any better pictures of your mean lookin' Dyna?

Love that Pic! I can just picture you leaving a local bike night or hangout and pullin' that front tire up in the air and everyones jaw dropping!
With that time, are you the world record holder in the bagger class?
not my bike, i just made it run and launch (straight). it broke all 4 records in amra this year at season opener, the mph record was broken by someone else some races later. took the season and sandbagged till next year. the bike is faster than 11's.

my personal bike is a street dyna. carries the tire through second on the street. have problems hooking at these local ******* tracks.gotta get chain final drive before i can make the clutch bite.

always something huh?
when you are running the drags what kind of air pressure are you running in the back tire?
Nice pics FXDX!
I'm guessin' 14 lbs in the rear tire-you runnin' an Avon?

Have you had that 107 Terrorist on the Dyno? If so, what kind of HP?
Like I posted earlier, great numbers but is there any possibility you could get a sheet showing the torque curve with the graph set to engine rpms instead of MPH to get a better idea of the torque curve, it is as simple as two clicks of the mouse for the dyno software, also, what do you suppose the numbers would be in SAE?
Yes...I am very curious. It would help me very much if you could dig that up. My build is very similar. I know it is capable of more. So, If I could see a direct comparison, it may help me figure out whats up with mine.

Thanks Booggerbe!!
BV and Yankee, I have sent mail to Wayne asking for a copy in the engine RPM s as soon as i get it i will post it. I am going to give him a call now . Just wasnt thinking straight when i left Fayetteville. Thanks guys Booggerbe
You da' man!!!
I look forward to seeing it.

BV and Yankee, Talked to wayne yesterday evening and he will be back at his rig on mon. where his dyno and computer is. he said he would send me a copy in the rpm format. I am trying lol. Thanks guys. booggerbe
Thank you. Your efforts are appreciated. :thumbsup:
Ask him if he will make it in SAE as well please.
Your numbers for your 98"er have raised the bar for future 98" builds. I'm sure you spent alot of coin to get those numbers and you should be proud-worth every penny. The next guy who lays down big cash for a 98" build is going to want the same level or better of performance as you have. This is a perfect example of how new standards are set and others who run 98" builds look at those numbers and say "hey, I want that too!"
Thanks PW. Yes it was my goal to set the highest numbers for a 98". Sure i could have built a bigger motor but it is more fun to be the little dog and rough up the big boys lol. I do have to give credit to Randy(Hyperformance) and Reggie (R&R Cyles) for all there help. I had this plan going on for sometime and a few of the forum members new what i was up to and have to say thanks to them for keeping it all under wraps. This motor is so dependable and really sounds like a p----y at idle but when you crack the throttle just start shifting and hold on lol. Yeee HHHaaaaa lol.It does wrap up so quick that i am thinking of going to electric shift . Dang i am getting old. I am thinking of going to daytona at the end of the month to get bigger numbers but gas , and time off are a problem so ill just play it by ear. Again i want to thank all for the help and ill be putting more results up as i do them. Think Randy may have another secret just have to pick his ole brain a bit. Ok thanks all Booggerbe
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I'd tell ya to enjoy it, but I already know that you will..........

Nice job!
Ok gang, Here are the STD. and SAE. dyno sheets from speeds that yall asked for. Think i am going to go back to the 3:37 gearing. Randy and Reggie want me to try something diff and ill have it dynoed again. Thanks all . Booggerbe o and sorry that the sheets are not better quality but i can only send as they look


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VERY nice torque curve. Or should I say torque flat........
man, im having a glitch---- all of a sudden looks like i am not a paid member.

would someone be kind enough to post boogerbees dyno sheets for us non paying scum?

thanks alot,
Hey all just finished comparing the dyno charts with the RP motor and the Hyperformance/R&R and the hp and tq point are close to the same in numbers when comparing the graph lines with the HP/R%R out pulling the RP on the big end. The HP/RR pulled more top end compared to the RP the diff i think was the 3:15 gearing on the new motor and the 3:37 gearing on the RP motor. Amazing how the HP/RR motor tq jumps right up on the 100 hp and holds it all across the graph. Thinkk i will try the 3:37 gearing and see what happens. Any one have any thought jump in a give me your thoughts. Thanks booggerbe
thanks sledman. boogerbee, did the dyno guy mention anything about HP still climbing at rev limit? hard to tell angle/rate of climb on this monitor. purty graph, hope mine looks that good if i ever take time to put it on dyno.
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