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booggerbe dyno Results 98"

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Ok gang . 119.46 HP/108.01 TQ. The results are done. First and formost i want to thank Randy(Hyperformance) and Reggie(R&R Cycles) for their imput and combination to make these numbers happen. The dyno was done in a 5th gear pull. I have only a 5 speed.also i had the stock gearing in 3:15. The results are in true time. Also the altitude was 1,720 above sea level. I have done all things in real time and real results and if you understand these conditions. The motor still has more. All comments are welcome and thinking of going to Fla. to get even better numbers. after the final dyno . Wayne (Speeds Performance) did back up runs and still the same numbers. Wayne thinks that there is more in the motor but the air was not good enough to get more. Hope all can see the curve and the dang motor pulled to 6,400 RPM.Ok the motor is done and now off to get the paint on. Thanks booggerbe


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man, thats purty. knowing how that cam spins up a 98", you get to have fun when the tire breaks loose.

watcha doin in fayetteville? is it colorful up there yet?
was starting to turn colors . fall is there and wow was it nice. just wish the air had been better for the dyno. Thanks Booggerbe
Nice, a little hard to read the torque line but looks very good and it's obvious those heads just keep on moving air up top, do you by any chance have the runs with the engine rpm instead of MPH?, Also, what model dyno does Speeds have?
Nice numbers!

I wonder why he was satisfied with that as a final AFR?
1.2 HP per cube on pump gas and there is more there too....
With the right air and elevation, and a little more tuning (Did he try to lean it up a bit on the top end?) this could be a 122-125 hp 98"er!!! I'll bet she screams!!!! You should really thank all the people that made this happen. Congrats.
Thanks PW, yes we tried the lean on the top but the air was just not good. I also didnt want to take any chances . Wayne himself says if i come to fla. next month it will easlly hit the 125 on both sides. And yes i talked to Randy sat morning aftewr the tune and will talk to Reggie mon. So now do i go to fla. or not and set a number that no one else can hit lol. The motor is so dependable, good gas mileage, easy starting. heck i just cant say enough. It is like day and night between the RP motor and the Hyperformanc/R&R . Hyperformance being so much better and dependable. Thanks again PW. Booggerbe
What octane gas are you using?Reggie and Randy like to use the lower octane but my 98" hates it.Had to retard the timing which killed the power.
todd, the only gas i could get was 91 octane. another set back but have a plan for Oct. thanks Booggerbe
Don't forget an talented builder and tuner!

I agree though - great numbers and a build that will be as reliable and trouble-free as it is strong! Cudos to Randy, R&R, the tuner and everyone involved. :clap:
Booggerbe, what pipe?
Yes, rpm please. I NEED to see it! My build is similar to yours. My TQ comes on real late and doesn't hang around long. The HP keeps climbing all the way to the top. I think it's my pipe (RB Racing Black Hole). I think the pipe is working just as advertised...no restriction, hence lost torque.
I have a DD FatCat w/quiet baffle on the way.
Have the same build as BB and use the FC with the quiet baffle.Mine pulls hard from the bottom to the top.There are times that I worry about the stock flywheels.
Well Ron, Randy and all involved...Congrats!!!! Now that is a stout build right there. Looks like that compression and pipe kicked up the low end and the cam/heads keep on pulling that hp/tq. Nice job by all.
cant get over the tq line and the thing making 120 hp without spinning it to 8000 rpm.

i gotta remind yall of the time i had two guys wanting me to provide a "kit" that would make 120/120 from 95 inches and insisted on using their short shot looking pipes. said they saw the kit in a magazine. i told em it aint happenin on a street bike with shitty pipes.

here, we have a group of some of the best in the country building a 98 incher thats sole purpose was to make big power and live on the street------reliably. pwmorris pointed out 1.2 hp per cu./in. we all agree is pretty amazing.

the results are in. [email protected]#$%^&ing magazine readers--------- ok, im back on the meds------rant off.#[email protected]
G, don't forget the Skittles.... :spank:
save your money on a florida trip, use it in march to get to bowling green and mix it up in the street dresser class! only a handful of bikes running, class record is only like an 11.twenty something?
save your money on a florida trip, use it in march to get to bowling green and mix it up in the street dresser class! only a handful of bikes running, class record is only like an 11.twenty something?
11.126/ backpeddlin through the traps. took enough points for the year in first half. i was running cripple creek when i put that bike on the track. ran 12.05 with 103 motor. not easy to do with a 150 dunlop street tire and stock measurements at all chassis points.

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save your money on a florida trip, use it in march to get to bowling green and mix it up in the street dresser class! only a handful of bikes running, class record is only like an 11.twenty something?
You got any better pictures of your mean lookin' Dyna?

Love that Pic! I can just picture you leaving a local bike night or hangout and pullin' that front tire up in the air and everyones jaw dropping!
With that time, are you the world record holder in the bagger class?

heres a couple? maybe? if they made it. bike is no longer purple. have not loaded any of this season's pics. now a gunmetal metallic with some killer pinstriping done. i'll get some up soon.


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rock solid bagger, last weekend i lost in final of 11.50 redlit 1st round of 10.90 and went 3 rounds in e class. had a friggin blast....
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