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There really are such things....

I have my 85FXWG down to a rolling chassis, and I have to either paint or re-chrome the swingarm, also spent $100 on shocks that haven't come in yet. Putting a solo seat on, and I was thinking that a bolt-on-hardtail might allow me to eliminate the fender struts, (and the swingarm and shock $$) and look real cool, since its a kicker anyway. I don't want to weld one on, which can be done easily, there is a local guy that would build me one. I'm not that committed, and I don't want to kill the value of the bike altogether (even as I plan on being buried with it)

Long way to ask: Anyone know where I might find a bolt on hardtail to fit a final BELT drive, 4spd tranny frame (1985 FXWG). I can only find about 3 applications in my short, online search yesterday.

Thanks in advance!~Bot
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