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i'd like to get the stock Alum. wheels on my 06 SuperGlide black powdercoated. what 'i'd like, is to have the wheels shiny black where the wheel is polished almn. now, and leave the "as cast" part of the wheel rough and coat it black as well.
a local powder coater will coat them for me for free if i prep them.
how should i go about it?
i'm thinking along the lines of : :wacko:
removeing the wheels
removeing the breaks and belt pully
pulling the wheel bearings
steam cleaning the wheels
plug wheel bearing recess with rubber plug and all thread rod
then glass bead blasting the wheels
re-steam clean
take them to coaters for coating
Am i heading down a wrong road or on the right path?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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