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I've been a camera nut since 1974. Minolta, Canon, Nikon to name my best. Anyway, with bikes I'm always scouting out cool locations. Making sure to avoid common mistakes like poles/ trees in the background and avoiding shooting bikes on grass. For my '08 Night Train, I think i shot my best work. The rail road tracks seem to go to infinity and converting it to B&W helped too. Whaddaya think?
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Nice photo! One of the long lost moderators, vindex1963, has made several contributions on photography. You can find them in the Photography forum along with other members photographs.

edit; I know WideOne has photographs in the Photography forum. The link was for those that don't know we have one. 馃嵑

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.... and avoiding shooting bikes on grass.
I never really thought about it, but why not shoot bikes on grass?

And great pic.

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The Night Train is the finest HD and that is a fine photo. I miss mine desperately. I should never have sold that bike.
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