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I don't know if this is old news, or if I got a one-in-a-million screw up, But here's the story:

I got a 73FLH with a SuperB carb. The bike has been sitting for about 5 years. Among other things, a carb rebuild was required. I ordered a Biker's Choice rebuild kit for about $25 online. It came with no instructions, but I downloaded the nice S&S set-up manual.

After getting everything back together, the bike started great, ran smooth but would die after 10-20 seconds. It turns out that along with two other parts in the kit that wouldn't fit, the float needle is slightly longer than the original.

Since I followed the S&S instructions for setting the float, it was starving for fuel. I readjusted the float (trial and error) and the bike is finally running good. I actually got to ride it for the first time last night :}

I just wanted to let you guys know, cause this may sneak up on somebody else. The BC petcock I got also seemed kinda soft and crappy. Since im a n00b, I gotta ask - is this typical for Biker's choice stuff?
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