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Bikers Blessing

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Is someone causeing you to fear or harm with evil intensions. Do you fear theft of your posessions, or accident on your Bike. Has it happened to you. Let us pray for courage and strenght

Father Allmighty God, keeper of my soul, I petition you to grant me, this Bikers Blessing. "May you Allmighty God and Father protect my soul from harm and evil, also protect my posessions and bike. For you command Legions of Angels, even ten thousands upon tens of thousands of legions, inumerable are your Mighty Angels, whom harken and obey your every command. Each Angel having the power to destroy the world ten times over. Because you are for me then who can be against me. Therfore, I will not fear, for you Almighty Father God love me and with your Holy Angels, now protect my soul, posseions, and my bike. I trust you Holy Father in Heaven and Thank you for granting me this Blessing through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen".

I testify to this prayer as bringing nothing short of miracles into my life, those many evidences which streghen our Faith. I belive it will for you too.
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