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So this was a motor thrown in for free when I bought my FXR. I'm just messing around with it trying to learn.
I'm trying to figure out what happened.. It had a S&S 561 cam, adjustable push rods in the rear and stock in the front. One of the adjustable in the rear was bent slightly.
I can see the valve has been damaged, I assume by hitting the piston.
The bolt impression near the valves has me at a loss.
If any of you can tell exactly what happened, I'm all ears, I'd like to learn.
the number on the side of the engine is DDLF504399 but I haven't figured out how to decode it yet
Also, are those stock valve springs?

Hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for any info
Looks like it ate a air box bolt. The sat somewhere in the rain. And after enough time passed, someone figured it had healed itself.

Don't stop there, it prolly has water damage in the crank and rod bearings too.

Valve springs look to be Andrews by the color.

Vin decoder does not like the engine number. But the heads are early Evo, bottom breather. You'll need to look at the rocker boxes to narrow it down.
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