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Well, the first local bike show out here in the DC area has come and gone and what a great day for it as today’s weather was sublime!

The weather gods must have been thinking that it was August as the “asphalt smell” oozing off of the hot pavement was second to only the heat shimmers seen in the reflection of all that chrome on them bikes.

There were the usual bikes there, with a few metrics tossed in for flavoring (and an ugly as sin V-8 powered slug) but the hogs looked great as everything from almost stock to totally tricked was sitting out there amongst all the people swarming around everything.

Some custom choppers (powered by those nice 100cc S&S engines) were around with great looking eye candy paint schemes and more chrome then in a 7th graders face with braces...

And speaking of "Eye Candy" the hooters girls were everywhere...

Yep, Summer Is Officially in DC my Bro's and Sisters!!!

Ride On!!! :D
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