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Big Bore Kit

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O.K. Here goes. I know this is going to be a loaded question, but I REALLY REALLY need to know. I have a 99 flht TC88. I want to go to 95" What I really want is for the TQ/HP to peak between 3000 and 4500 RPM. This is the RPM range that I like to ride. I'm thinking Edelbrock heads (i get a good deal) with their piston kit. Originally I was going to use the SS gear cams, but have now seen Andrews also does gear drive cams. Anyone out there have any imput on which cams/grind to go with to possible get th HP/TQ at the lower RPM. I know all the DYNO tests normally have the higher numbers at about 6000 RPM or there abouts. Any info will help. I just relized I don't have enough $$$$ to have 3 to 4 differant motors to try.
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