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Bought my first HD, a 94 FLHTCUI, this June with 92K on it and will have 100K on it by winter. Prev owner had base gaskets replaced, an ev27 cam installed and stock carb rejetted at 27K. Motor has not been into since.

Will replace all bearings, bushings and seals on bike this winter. Will have motor rebuilt with Delkron engine cases, stock stroke, S&S big bore cylinders, 9.5 CR pistons, EV27 or 37 cam, a Crane ignition with redline set at 6K max, SE slip ons and either the stock, rejetted carb or a MIKuni RS 42.

I am not after max HP, I am looking for mega torque and more HP while keeping as much of the stock relialabity as possible. I do not abuse my bikes. Bike will be ridden 2 up only, mostly highway, with a combined rider weight of 270 lbs.


I can go 97, 100, or 107 CI with S&S cylinders, will the 107's run hotter than the 97's, what size to go

Will the stock HD rods be OK or go with S&S rods or whose

Will Mikuni RS 42 work with cruse control

Will stock HD rear belt handle the increased HP and Torque? If not, whose

If after market heads, whose

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