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Beware Of....

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...Flying marbles!

Da June Bugs are out in force in Texas.
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While here in the DC area it's the "No See Em's" splattering all over everthing, with those damn June Bugs hitting us at any time....

And That's Why Eye Protection is So Damn Important!!! :D
One advantage to full face:D

The June Bugs are so bad up here in north Texas that two weeks ago I switched from a 9 1/2 inch windshield that I could see over to a 15 inch windshield that I look through.

Keeps ya awake though, cause now some of them hit the shield so hard it startles ya !!

How's your RK repairs going? Sounds as if you had a real close call. Glad you are ok.

be doing battle with june bugs for two months! :mad:
Went camping this weekend. The wife and kids left 3 hours before me in the minivan pulling a popup trailer. I took the backroads and by the time I got there camp was all set up and the coffee was ready. Heaven ...

Left early Sunday (so I got out of both making and breaking camp ... ;-) to come back to Fort Wayne for an ABATE charity ride. Between riding through the state park and past the farmlands I had the most dead bugs in the group of probably 500 bikes, too bad they didn't have a prize for that...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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