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Best way to loosen front brake manifold??

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Just picked up a chrome lower triple tree cover. Started to install it when I hit a snag. I went to loosen the bolt that holds the front brake manifold/splitter, and it just turns the manifold. Any tips or tricks out there? Was hoping to just drop the bolt, and slide in the cover. Thanks.
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You might have some corrosion snagging the manifold to the stud. Some Break Free type product can be sprayed on top and bottom, lightly tap it and let it sit for a while. Then get a larger wrench!!!
Bigger hammer, bigger wrench....I like your thinking. I sprayed it with some WD40 last night. I'll try it again tonight. Thanks.
WD-40??? Is that what I said?? That stuff turns to varnish when it dries....you need some brand of penetrating oil. Break Free, Kroil, or the like. Save the WD-40 for spraying your underarms...it smells great! But keep the bigger hammer handy just in case.
I actually use a product by Royal Purple, just say WD40 by habit. You know..small can..spay tube...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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