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Mobil 1

I have used Mobil 1 oils for sometime now, both in my 95 Low Rider, and my new 2002 Road King. I started using Golden Spectro synthetics sometime ago, but switched to Mobil 1 about 4 years ago. The use of synthetics in your transmission will make it shift much smoother, and run quieter and cooler than with conventional HD transmission oil. It also lowers friction and has less horsepower loss due the increased flow of the synthetic oil. In fact, Amsoil advertises that mileage increases by 4% when using their synthetic transmission oil. The use of synthetic oil in the engine has lowered my engine oil temperatures by 12-15 degrees.

Mobil 1 now says that you can use their 20w-50 V-twin oil in the motor, the primary, and the transmission. The use of synthetics in the primary will extend clutch life, and lower temperatures. Even thought Mobil 1 says one oil will cover all 3 areas, I still use Mobil 1 synthetic 75 - 90w gear oil in my transmission, and the 20w-50 in the primary and engine.

1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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